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There was a point in my life, when I was raising five children under the age of seven. Needless to say it wasn’t easy. When I think back on those hectic (but wonderful!) years, I cannot imagine our lives without our very supportive community. Cliches like “strength in numbers” or “it takes a village” are cliches because they are so true and so universal. We are stronger when we are united, we are empowered when we can lean on others and learn from one another, and our diversity is our strength. Acts of kindness and co-existence are, after all, the currency of our humanity.


These networks aren’t just means of support, but means of survival. I think raising a family teaches all moms to learn the true virtue of both lending a hand and of taking one handed to you when needed. Yet despite its vitality, I know that having a community as diverse and deeply rooted as mine is a privilege. I had means to seek and receive help that not everyone does and I know that those around me had a profound recognition of my own areas of excellence that they could call on when needed. The capacity for community and human compassion is endless, but it isn’t always accessible to tap into.


The concept for Family Beehive came from this simple observation. As a mother, a business owner, an arts patron and a community organizer, I have seen again and again, the power of collective action and the importance of human connection. Now more than ever we have a responsibility to lift one another up and support each other wherever we can.


If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t have the resources you need, you are invited to pull up a chair and sit at our virtual table. We can help you find help. Whether that means finding a tutor for your child, a yoga class to prioritize yourself when kids are away, counseling, legal aid, support finding stability when fleeing domestic violence, peer mentorship to work through the challenges of new motherhood, or even a cooking class.


We don’t ask for a fee, instead we ask for you to shine light on what makes you excellent. Inspired by the co-op model, we know everyone raising a family has something to offer and something to receive. We would also love to learn from you! We’re here to find solutions for each other. If you have ideas for additional services we can provide, or ways we can improve our current services, we’d love to hear them.


Beehives rely on an interconnected social structure, and are built through patience, perseverance, communication and teamwork. Drawing pollen from sources near and far to bring back to the hive, bees do whatever it takes to support life. In the process, they produce honey, a sweet, nutrient-rich gift that is essential to their own existence and allows them to thrive. We hope to offer similar, enriching support to you and the rest of our community. You can benefit from this Family Beehive at no membership cost.


While based in the bustling “hive” city of New York, our membership is open to anyone in this country, or around the globe. Should you need assistance, we can connect and provide help virtually, as well as guide you to local resources.


Please join our hive if you need something or if you’d like to give something. Perhaps you’re a retired master violinist and would like to enrich your life further by mentoring a young struggling prodigy? Language and geography need not be a barrier — love and life will find a way.


Connections are the ties that keep humanity going. At the Family Beehive we believe that an empowering and uplifting community around you is vital. Life is sweet, and we would like to open up and share it with you because nobody should ever feel alone.


To learn more about participating in the Family Beehive, please contact us today .


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