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A Self-Sustaining Community of Support

Helping women in need and their families connect with solutions to urgent challenges and experiences that enhance their lives by bridging the gap between our Members and partner organizations and creating a self-sustaining community through individual empowerment and volunteerism.

How We Can Help

Now more than ever we have a responsibility to uplift one another and support each other whenever and however we can. Family Beehive is a collaborative community that uplifts and supports women and their families through health and wellness, educational and cultural enrichment, financial and legal counsel, and mentorship opportunities.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t have the resources you need, you are invited to join our Family Beehive. We will work collectively to find you support. All you need is a willingness to enhance the community in your own unique way as we find the solutions to support you.

Our Philosophy

Beehives function in the wild by leaning on the skills and excellence of other bees. Worker bees, drones, and queens thrive not by doing everything themselves, but by living in a community where one bee’s unique skill set serves the needs of the other bees.

We all have an area of excellence and can benefit when we help each other recognize our passions and talents to uplift each other.

The social structure of the hive is what gives it strength. That is how we see the Family Beehive; we are a community of strong, intelligent, generous families and service organizations who benefit emotionally, physically, and mentally from the gifts of other hive members.

Our focus is on supporting you and your family- whatever that may look like to you. Family doesn’t have to be the people you’re connected to by blood, but the ones who lift you up and make you feel like you belong.

Our families are the people that remind us we aren’t alone, and, at the Hive, we’re here to serve that same purpose for you and, when needed, the ones you love.

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About Family Beehive.

About Us

About the Family Beehive

Launched in 2022, Family Beehive started as a vision from longtime business owner, lover of arts, and community organizer Laura Cashel, who experienced firsthand the power of collective action and the importance of human connection. 

Based in NYC, Family Beehive is a 501(c)(3) organization that operates virtually to bring together intergenerational families, women, and gender nonconforming individuals in need of support with our multi-service partner organizations.




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Our Areas Of Excellence

Here are a few areas we can support members with:

Tutoring from elementary to college

Survivor services

Mom’s peer groups

Community building for seniors

Wellness class from meditation to cooking to everything in between

Financial advisement

Job placement and career mentorship

Green card, immigration, and family legal support

Translation and language services

Women’s healthcare

Donate Now

Support the Family Beehive

Inspired by the co-op model, we know everyone supporting a family has something to offer and something to receive. This is why we never ask for a fee to be part of The Hive.

All donations allow the Family Beehive to empower women and their families to find and use their areas of excellence to strengthen their communities.

Turn insight into action

We would also love to learn from you! We’re here to find solutions for each other. If you have ideas for additional services we can provide, or ways we can improve our current services, we’d love to hear them.

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