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Meet Our Partners

The Family Beehive works alongside the organizations and individuals listed below to help uplift and support our community.

Brave House

Brave House

Citywide Doula Initiative partner

Citywide Doula Initiative & Healthy Start Brooklyn

Room to Grow.jpg

Room to Grow

Her Justice partner image on

Her Justice

Exhale Pro-Voice, Partner image on the Family Beehive Partner page.

Exhale Pro-Voice

Morrow Financial Planning - partner Family Beehive

Morrow Financial Planning

Suffering the Silence - partner Family Beehive

Suffering the Silence

Matchlighters Scholars Program - partner Family Beehive

The Matchlighters Scholars Program

Cashel Educational Consulting - partner Family Beehive

Cashel Educational Consulting

Service Learning Project partner Family Beehive

Service Learning Project

Crownsville Media - SEO partner Family Beehive

Crownsville Media

Wendy Hagen - partner Family Beehive


Galina Kloesel - partner Family Beehive

Galina Kloesel – Editing and Translation Help for All