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Mission and Values

Join Family Beehive on our mission to help women and their families

Our Mission

Family Beehive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help women in need and their families connect with solutions to urgent challenges and experiences that enhance their lives by bridging the gap between our Members and partner organizations and creating a self-sustaining community through individual empowerment and volunteerism. 

Our Vision

Family Beehive is a self-sustaining , collaborative community that supports women and their families by providing individualized connections to opportunities that uplift and empower our Members to reach their full potential. 

Our Values

Family Beehive has 3 core values that guide the way we work to support our communities:

Believe – Family Beehive believes women are the backbones of their families and we are stronger when we work togetherWhen women are supported, heard, and understood, they can shine light on their excellence. 

Educate –  Family Beehive promotes a community of reciprocal and mutual education on the systems and challenges facing women. Family Beehive Members, partner organizations, volunteer corp and dedicated team participate in a cyclical learning experience to create positive social change.

Empower – Family Beehive nurtures the individual power we all have to change our circumstances, better society and pursue the things in life that fulfill, inspire and foster well-being.

We Believe, Educate and Empower One Another.
Won’t you join us?